Kickstarter For Female RPG Figures Meets Its $12K Goal In 30 Seconds

female rpg figs 4

Raging Heroes has taken Kickstarter by storm. Loud’n Raging asked for $12,000 to release a set of three armies of 28mm scale female miniatures for roleplaying games. They have over 150 unique sculpts planned and the armies are carefully designed to include troopers, heroines, and support. Yep, it’s all girls here. They reached their goal in 30 seconds and are now over a whopping $350,000.

Yes, the concept art is stunning. The figures they’ve teased look incredibly detailed and not quite like anything I’ve seen at a gaming store. The pledge levels are varied, and the company has been around for a while. I think the main reason it’s taken off like crazy though is just that there’s not anything like this available. The few times I’ve tried to shop for figures for a D&D character I didn’t have a ton of options and several of the ones in front of me were skimpily dressed. No thanks.

Though I do wish there was a more even mix of midriff baring costumes and full coverage outfits (and there could be, you only get a glimpse in the video), these are already heads and shoulders above anything I’ve seen on the market. I’m excited for them to get out in the world.

Check out the Kickstarter video along with a few more fig examples after the break.

female rpg figs 1

female rpg figs 2

female rpg figs 3

(Kickstarter via Jezebel)


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