Check Out These Awesome ‘Mega Man’ Headphones

The Mega Man franchise is beloved by almost everybody except… well, except Capcom, basically, but there’s been a lovely deluge of Mega Man merchandise over the last year or so. One of the latest pieces in the ever-growing array of collectibles is this rather snazzy pair of Mega Man headphones by Emio.

Modeled to resemble Mega Man’s helmet and featuring strategically-placed LED lights, these headphones do a wonderful job of making you look a little, but not a lot, like the Blue Bomber himself.

They also probably let you hear sound through them, but we’ll never know because Emio have opted not to release any technical specifications on the official product page. They could sound like hot garbage! It’ll only cost you $99.99 to find out – quite the gamble, but hey, you’ll definitely be the coolest guy on the bus.

More product shots can be seen below.




(via Technabob)


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