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Memory Adapter Needed for PS3 Backwards Compatibility

You would think backwards compatibility would be a fairly simple thing to do when you design a product from the ground up with that in mind. And that is what we were told about the PS3, it would be backwards compatible.

Now it comes out that in order to play PS2/PS1 games you will need an adapter to plug in the memory cards that hold the data from the games on the older systems. TrustedReview hits it right on the head when they say, “the 60GB edition of the PS3 has integrated memory card readers and you didn’t think to include a PS2/PSone memory card slot? After all, they’re made by you and have only been the biggest selling consoles in the last ten years”.

While this may not be the biggest obstacle they face, it is just one more poke in the eye from Sony, and to what end? Are they really so hard up for additional revenue streams? Seems like their own damn fault.


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