Modifying Your NES Zapper Into a Laser Gun Is a Great Idea – Until Someone’s Eyeball Catches On Fire [DIY]

Remember the days of playing Duck Hunt and thinking that the Zapper gun was the coolest thing ever? My younger self wouldn’t believe that people have figured out how to mod that silly weapon into a functioning laser that sets things on fire.

North Street Labs has laid out a step by step tutorial with plenty of photos and video to teach you how to take apart that piece of nostalgia and make it stupid dangerous. It’s involved and looks like it requires a bit of time, but I wouldn’t want it to be easy. The resulting laser is quite powerful and has at least 2W output. That means goggles are absolutely necessary. Scary but impressive.

See the Zapper laser in action in the video after the break.

(Hack a Day via Geekosystem)


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