New Geeky Clean Hand Sanitizers Give You Extra HP

It may be related to the fact that I’ve became somewhat compulsive about germs after working in the food service industry back in the day. Or maybe I’m just freaked out by the Mucinex animations, but I’ve become one of those people who uses anti-bacterial soap and carries hand sanitizer.

But there are times I either don’t like the smell or I can’t figure out where to put the bottle if I’m on the move.

It’s like Geeky Clean saw me comin’ a mile away.

These started as a way to help fight Con Crud (read the description on the site, it’s hilarious). They’re made to order, 8 oz. bottles of sanitary goodness, with hand made leather straps that double as a costume accessory. (Please note, the cork is not included. Maybe we can get GC to do a cork option. )

You have your choice of 4 different scent/color combinations.

  • Red “Nag’Champa” Health Potion
  • Blue “Coconut” Mana Potion
  • Green “Grapefruit” Poison Potion
  • Purple “Sweet Orange & Cherry” shimmery Love Potion

I kinda want them all. ::grin::

Product page $12 (they just went on sale as I was writing this. Neat!)


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