Do You Want An Official ‘Evil Dead 2’ Board Game?


Would you like an official Evil Dead 2 board game? Of course you do. Fortunately, Space Goat is working with Studiocanal to make that exact thing happen.

They’ll be offering a standard and deluxe version, both of which will allow you to play Ash as he fights off Deadites and tries to gather the pages of Ex-Mortis.

Featuring at least 8 custom figures and art depicting the terrifying and iconic characters, monsters, and locales from the film, the official Evil Dead 2 Board Game is the tabletop experience for Evil Dead 2 fans. 2-6 players will work together in 60–90 minute sessions to gather pages of the Ex-Mortis while trying to survive demon attacks, supernatural events, and avoid turning into evil deadites themselves.

The deluxe edition features exclusive figures of Ash Williams, Deadite Henrietta, and a box based on the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, the Book of the Dead.

Someone, please tell me there’s a chainsaw figure.

If you want to help this game become a reality, you can learn more about their upcoming Kickstarter here.

(via Bleeding Cool)


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