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Review: Grand Theft Auto – Liberty City Stories

GTA: Liberty City Stories

We all know that games in the GTA series always bring two things – great gameplay and plenty of controversy. So, the only question is – can Rockstar maintain the tradition with the PSPs “Liberty City Stories”?


IGN: “While rough around the edges, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories offers a deep, console-like GTA experience. There’s so much to see and do that finishing the main story portion leaves around 60% of the game to experience. Just driving around the city and taking in the sights packs about as much fun as most full-fledged games. But throw in seven multiplayer modes, a well-acted story and a city filled with side quests and hidden extras and you’ve got something special.”

Gamespot: “It’s really pretty amazing that GTA: Liberty City Stories manages to cram in so much of the GTA experience that you’re used to seeing on consoles. While the game is definitely a fine technical achievement and one of the best PSP games to date, the dull storyline and basic mission design do bring the whole thing down a bit. Maybe it’s not entirely reasonable to expect for this game to live up to its console counterparts in every respect, but it retails for just as much as they did, and attempts to do many of the same exact things, so it really is a whole new GTA (just in a familiar setting). Yet for all it squeezes out of the PSP, it doesn’t quite squeeze everything that makes the GTA series so special. But if what you’re after is a game that looks and plays like a Grand Theft Auto game for your PSP, you’ll definitely be satisfied.”

GamePro: “The cheats and strategies for Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories are already hitting the Net, but we made good use of that extra time, and are happy to report that Liberty City Stories kicks some serious ass.”


IGN Screenshots
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Bottom Line: The lineup for the PSP is generally considered to be pretty weak. “GTA Liberty City Stories” is an exeption to that rule. All of the reviews from editors and gamers alike have given it exceptional ratings – along with the promise that the game faithfully delivers a full-on GTA console experience on the PSP. A definite must buy for any fan of the series.

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