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Review: Prince of Persia – The Two Thrones

P.O.P. The Two Thrones

The Price of Persia series took a bit of a hit with last year’s release of “The Warrior Within.” Will”The Two Thrones” finish the series on a high note?


1Up: “Although some areas of the game were frustrating (beware the last boss), The Two Thrones features a classic interactive ending sequence and epilogue that nicely wraps up the whole trilogy and does the seemingly impossible — that is, it makes you forgive and forget the lost years represented by The Warrior Within, and lets you to judge the trilogy on the whole. As you log the series as a notch in your gaming history, you come away with a sense of nostalgia and loss… which in and of itself is a feat to be applauded.”

“The Two Thrones marks a fitting end to a fantastic trilogy. The plot ties up all the loose ends and should prove satisfying for fans of the series. Though some new gameplay mechanics have been introduced, such as the speed kill and the new tricks of the dark prince, The Two Thrones is still basically very similar to the other two games–if you didn’t like those for some reason, this game’s not likely to pull you in. But for those of us who love solving the environmental puzzles and seeing the beautiful environments that the series is known for, The Two Thrones delivers in spades.”

Gamespy: “In the end, it’s really terrific to once again play a Prince of Persia that brings the series back to the remarkably enjoyable surprise we remember from 2003. Even unnecessary additions like the execrable racing sections didn’t truly mar my enjoyment of the game. Indeed, The Two Thrones makes such an enjoyable capstone for the series, it’s difficult to see where it’s going to from here. I’ve no doubt that there will eventually be a new Prince of Persia game, though. Now that the prince is once again on firm footing, it’d be a crime not to let his adventures continue.”

EuroGamer: “In all the respects that matter, The Two Thrones is the sequel we were hankering after all along. It’s got a takes a measured approach to combat, pitches the atmosphere at the same eery, mysterious level that we loved about the first game, and wraps it all up with one of the more flexible control systems imaginable (quick point though, Ubi: why can’t I invert the look up/down?) that make it possible to enjoy the kind of trap laden environments that would make Lara’s eyes bleed at the prospect.”


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Bottom Line: By all accounts, “The Two Thrones” succeeded in returning the franchise to it’s former glory – and is therefore a definite buy.

Hopefully, Ubisoft will consider rekindling the Prince of Persia series somewhere down the line.

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