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Sega Is Cornering The Market On Urine-Controlled Gaming

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It’s a dance men know well—moving farther and farther away from the urinal as the day stretches on because the urine stain on the floor keeps expanding. Well Sega aims to do something about it.

“Toirettsu”, as it is called, involves urinating on a target that can measure the accuracy and intensity of the stream. That data is used to control a series of mini-games that can be viewed on a screen above the urinal. So far, these games include subjects like erasing graffiti and family-friendly favorites like blowing wind under a woman’s skirt and “bukkake battle” in which on screen players shoot milk from their nose.

Check out a video of the games in action after the break.

Toirettsu is still under development but Sega plans to install the systems in the bathrooms of Japanese restaurants and retailers sometime in the near future.

(via Kotaku)


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