That Game Boy Adapter For Smartphones Is Real, And It’s Awesome


You might remember the case that turns your iPhone into a real, working Game Boy that Hyperkin jokingly / seriously teased for April Fool’s Day last year. Well, Neowin made an interesting discovery at E3 expo in Los Angeles this week. They got a chance to see the thing working fo’ real on the show floor.


Dubbed the Smart Boy, the add-on was shown working on an Android device rather than an iPhone (likely because getting emulators onto the iOS App Store is a goddamn nightmare whereas there are already a ton of the buggers on the Google Play Store for Android devices, not to mention a number of sideloadable alternatives).

The case features a slot for actual physical Game Boy cartridges. The coloring of the case harkens back to the old-school brick Game Boy, but it appears the Smart Boy can play Game Boy Color games as well.

So, if you’re a retro-gaming afficionado who finds touchscreen controls unacceptable, this snazzy add-on might make it worth jumping over to Android come December when the Smart Boy is expected to ship.

(via Gizmodo)


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