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Sony Cheating Their Game Users?’s GameCore column has a special report on gaming out which examines the issues with the Star Wars update released by Sony Online Entertainment by printing letters from their readers. There is one particularly disturbing section. It discusses how Sony Online Entertainment would release games/expansions that were not complete. Then, when the revenue stream from players was established, they would use that to fund the remaining development. He claims that in one case, they would even introduce “bugs” so that the unfinished levels could not be accessed. When the development was complete, they would then fix the “bug”.

If this is all true, then the company is not only dishonest but also showing a complete lack of respect for the gaming community. They used them for revenue and did it by cheating them out of what they rightly purchased. Not only that, but that same revenue should have been used to improve the game, but instead all they ended up with was what they thought they had purchased initially.

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