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There’s a Final Fantasy IX Sidequest That We All Missed [Video]


It’s been 13 years, but a new sidequest in Final Fantasy IX has recently been discovered. GarlandTheGreat has uploaded a video of the sidequest that has remained a bit of a secret outside of Japan. He’s also listed step-by-step instructions which are ridiculously complicated and are likely the reason that most people never found this hidden gem.

If you go to the Tantalus hideout at the beginning of disc 4, you will find Zenero and Benero wondering where Marcus and Cinna are. You’ve likely seen this before, but this is actually the beginning of a side quest. Now, head to Memoria and proceed until you watch a cut-scene or fight a boss. Then head back to the hideout to find Genero wondering where Benero and Zenero are. Then repear this process seven more times and every time you go back to the hideout, you will find a new member of the family. The last five are girls and the final one seems to be a child, as she is really small. Once you talk to her, Zidane will comment on the huge family and you will now find a new chest containing a Protect Ring inside the hideout. The next time you come back, the quest will simply start over, but there’s not enough events to complete it twice. These are the events that move the quest forwards:

There are 17 steps you then need to follow to trigger the quest! Gee, how could we all have missed that?

See video and all 17 steps after the break…

1. The beginning of Disc 4.
2. The battle with Nova Dragon.
3. The battle with Maliris.
4. The flashback of Alexander.
5. The scene where Zidane talks to himself.
6. The flashback of Dagger on the boat.
7. The scene with the giant eye in the sky.
8. The battle with Tiamat.
9. The scene with the two planets colliding.
10. The scene where Quina thinks he/she is drowning.
11. The scene where Garland talks about memories.
12. The battle with Kraken.
13. The scene about Gaia’s birth.
14. The battle with Lich.
15. The scene where Garland talks about the beginning and the Crystal.
16. The scene where the party enters the Crystal World.
17. The battle with Deathguise.

(via Kotaku)


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