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Two Hours of Gaming Fatalities In Glorious 1080p [Video]

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YouTuber BigBangBlitz has compiled over 500 fatalities from a ton of fighting games in a tight 2 hour video. Naturally, he felt the need to celebrate the upcoming Mortal Kombat release with what he describes as “a towering monument to depravity, the most bloody, stupid, irresponsibly violent thing possible.”

You had me at depravity. Check out the video after the break (includes a handy guide to skip to your favorite games).

BlazBlue: 0:01:43, Bloodstorm: 0:08:28, Blood Warrior: 0:09:56, Clayfighter: 0:11:48, Cosmic Carnage: 0:19:08, Double Dragon V: 0:19:47, Eternal Champions: 0:21:20, Guilty Gear: 0:38:51, Hokuto No Ken: 0:47:04, Fists of Fire: 0:50:58, Kasumi Ninja: 0:52:47, Killer Instinct: 0:54:20, Mortal Kombat: 1:01:30, Pray for Death: 1:17:11, Primal Rage: 1:20:02, Samurai Showdown: 1:23:26, Time Killers: 1:37:14, Timeslaughter: 1:38:16, Ultra Vortek: 1:40:02, Way of the Warrior: 1:43:30, Weaponlord: 1:48:51, WWF: 1:51:04, Xenophage: 1:52:16

(via Geekologie)


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