Valve Software Reportedly Creating “Steam Box” Gaming Console, Announcement Expected Soon

Recently, rumors have circulated that Valve Software is in the process of creating a gaming console that would compete with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Sources report that the company has been developing a hardware spec and associated software which will form the backbone of a “Steam Box”.

We’re told that the basic specs of the Steam Box include a Core i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and an NVIDIA GPU. The devices will be able to run any standard PC titles, and will also allow for rival gaming services (like EA’s Origin) to be loaded up.

Apparently Valve will farm out production of the actual devices to a variety of partners, and will allow developers to produce games for the console without having to pay Valve a licensing fee. According to reports, we may be learning more about the upcoming console next week at the Game Developers Conference, or maybe in June at E3.

(TheVerge via Kotaku)


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