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Study On Video Game Addiction Ends In Partial Foot Amputation

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What you’re about to read sounds too ridiculous to be true, but it appears to be. Roxanne Myers was working on a senior thesis on video game addiction. No surprise there, it’s a valid topic to research in today’s society. In the name of the thesis, she attempted to a weekend-long gaming marathon. That part happens across the country every weekend. The catch?

She fell asleep at her desk in a cross-legged position. For most people, that would just result in some stiff movements and soreness. However, she had an already existing condition that made her prone to blood clots. The end result was partial amputation of both feet. Now she’s saying she, “lost her feet to video games.”

While it wasn’t the gaming that caused her injury, it does make for a statement that can be easily twisted. She could have been studying or watching television when she fell asleep. Either way, the dangers of being sedentary for long periods are very real, especially if you have a pre-existing condition.

View an interview with Myers after the break.

(Guyism via TDWG)


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