Win This Auction And You’ll Have An Instant Video Game Museum


The guy who owns this collection is definitely what one would call a gamer (and a collector). He goes by the name “Reel.Big.Fish.” and he has this massive collection up for sale on eBay. He’s only selling it as one lot, so it’s all or nothing. Over on the Nintendo Age forums he explained why he’s putting his collection up for sale,

I’m not leaving the site or collecting, but I am open to selling everything if the right offer came around. I’m currently in the process of moving. The house is going up for sale next week and everything collection-wise is boxed up. I have the opportunity to build a new house but will most likely not be ready to move into that house for another year or more. In the meantime, since the collections boxed up, since I’m going to have a great deal of house building expenses I thought what the heck, why not list it all.

One of two scenarios will happen. First, I get a good enough offer, sell the collection put 95% of that money towards the house and leave the remaining 5% for a new game collection. If that happens my next collection will be much more small scale. Local garage sale, thrift store finds. Without a doubt my passion for retro gaming, collecting and the community has not diminished at all. Second, if I don’t get a good offer, then that’s fine, I’ll hang onto it and continue to enjoy it, no big deal. I am planning on having a gameroom in the new house either way.

It should be interesting I guess we will see what happens.

He’s got a Google Docs spreadsheet that details the complete collection, which includes demo and development games. The whole thing can be yours for just $164,000

See the full gallery of pictures after the break.

If you’re interested, head on over to eBay and place your bid.

(NeoGAF via Kotaku)


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