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Wolf Claw Type II Gaming Keyboard

nerdapprovedWolf Claw
Looking for a unique gift for the gamer? Check out Wolf Claw’s Type II gaming keyboard deisgned to make the gaming experience simpler and more enjoyable. Functions both as a gaming device as well as a normal keyboard for everyday use. Retailing for $49.99 from ThinkGeek, it’s worth checking out.


What’s Nice: Ideal for WASD gamers; arc layout and big buttons are very comfortable; cool looking design.

What’s Naughty: Bye-bye number pad on the right; rearrangement of some keys will take a minute to get used to.

What’s the Deal: It’s no surprise that when news of the Wolf Claw started spreading across the Internet, PD Scientific had trouble meeting the overwhelming demand. There’s a lot to like about it: stylish design, comfortable WASD gaming area for your left hand, and 40 keys dedicated for FPS madness. It will tie up one of your USB ports, but, on the other hand, will give you two back. On the back of the keyboard are two USB slots that you can plug other peripherals into.

Since this is a keyboard replacement, it had to score well for us when not gaming. It has a high-end feel; the keys are soft and quiet. One of the challenges you’ll encounter is getting used to the keyboard layout. Much like a laptop layout, keys are rearranged and consolidated to save space. The F keys at the top of the keyboard are smaller and scrunched together.

Geeks and gamers from all over will be shelling out a lot of dough for the latest PC games this Christmas. A gaming keyboard that makes that experience a lot better is worthy of our geek gift bag.

Hardware Review:
• Sturdy, heavy-duty construction
• Two USB 2.0 ports built-in
• Keys were very silent during gaming and normal use
• Large circular pad has all keys needed for FPS gaming
• Eight internet hotkeys work great
• Overall design fantastic
• Plug-in-play out of the box

• Circular pad has large learning curve and will take a while to get fully comfortable to game with
• Entire keyboard is quite large and slightly awkward for everyday use

The Wolf Claw II has been the best gaming keyboard I’ve tested to date. The circular pad definitely has a learning curve, but if gamers take the time to configure it and learn its functions, it will definitely benefit them during gaming. It will also be an eye-catcher with your friends or at any LAN party. Overall, I give the Wolf Claw II a 9/10, my Editor’s Choice Award, and’s Seal of Approval!

Xtreme Computing
After all my testing I can truly say that I would not swap my Wolf Claw with any other keyboard now or in the near future. The keys are really responsive and I prefer the feel and build quality of the whole design. This 2in1 keyboard meets all my standards and requirements that I need be it writing reviews or playing FPS games.
If you are after a Gamers keyboard I would give this a shot not only does it look good with its radical design it works Xtremely well (excuse the pun) my number one choice of gaming keyboard.

Excellent design,
2 in 1 keyboard and gamer pad,
2 inbuilt USB ports,
Nice look and feel

ConsNo arm rest.

Posted by Jeff


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