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XBox 360 Mod Chips

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Microsoft claimed that they had learned from their previous mistakes and made the 360 much less vunerable than the original XBox to hackers on both the hardware and the software side.

Not surprisingly, they turned out to be dead wrong.

According to CDRinf, a mod chip for the 360 is likely to be released within the next two weeks.

“Everyone of us is endeavoring to develop a mod chip with complete functions. With the chip, gamers will access all functions of Xbox360. We think the chip will be available at market in a couple of weeks. But as the first attempt, the first batch of chips may be complex and they may not function very well.”

“Information from another hacker group says pirate games for Xbox360 will be on sale in February or March in 2006.” In fact, people have already been arrested for hacking 360 games.

It’s like I’ve said a million times before – the hacking community will always find a way to get around security measures. The best any company (not just Microsoft) can hope to do is slow them down.

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