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XBox 360 Shortage is a Reality

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The new XBox is only about 36 hours old, and the bad news is flooding in fast. First it was the crashing problems and now, it appears, that the rumors about a shortage were right on the money.

About a week ago, Nerd Approved reported on the allocation numbers expected for launch. Today, Reuters is reporting that those numbers seem to be correct.

“We are well aware that many gamers are disappointed to have not gotten their Xbox 360 on day one. We are working around the clock to manufacture as many Xbox 360s as we can and are replenishing our retail channel week after week,” Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices division, said in a statement.”

Many hardcore gamers are also irritated by the fact that they had to settle for a $300 core system because of the demand for the premium version.

“Bad idea, bad idea,” David Hornak, 32, said of Microsoft’s decision not to release more of the $400 units. He was offered only the $300 system at a Best Buy in New York. “Hard-core gamers would pay up for a premium system and do not want to feel limited to a shaved down system,” Hornak said.”

According to the figures, around one third of the machines available at at launch were core systems. In my opinion, Microsoft should have dispensed with the notion of a stripped down system alltogether. The attitude should be that next gen gaming systems are going to cost $400 – and people are going to have to accept it.

As for the shortage – this situation is nothing new. Every new console faces this problem. It’s almost as if they intentionally engineer a shortage to build up demand. Still, major companies like Microsoft should have the foresight to produce more than 350,000 consoles for a highly anticipated next gen release. If that number is correct, and I believe that it is certainly close – anyone could have looked at it and told them they were way off.

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