Five Fictional Homes Where I’d Like To Live [Featured]


Having a comfortable place to hang your hat and kick off your shoes is of the utmost importance. I know, a roof over your head is better than none at all but daydreaming about places I want to live one day doesn’t mean I’m ungrateful for what I have now. A few places in fiction are near to my heart  and when I read about them or see them on screen, I can’t help but fantasize about calling them home.

Bag End as seen in The Hobbit (pictured above) is at the top of my list. It’s cozy and even though its full of knickknacks and mementos, it speaks of a simpler life.

See four more places I’d move into tomorrow if I could after the break.

Wayne Manor

Going to the opposite end of the spectrum, I wouldn’t mind taking up residence in Wayne Manor. You know, I don’t even need the whole house. I’d be happy with a wing – as long as there’s a giant library. What’s the point of a house that size if it doesn’t have stacks of books hiding within it?

Tumnus House

The Chronicles of Narnia may not be my one of my favorite series but I wouldn’t mind having a lamppost in the forest (did you know Neil Gaiman actually has one? He’s awesome) or a home like Mr. Tumnus’ delightful abode.

The Burrow

If I want to add some room without sacrificing the feeling of being in close quarters, I just have to look to The Burrow. The Weasley residence screams family and despite being unsure about whether I could handle cohabitating with so many people, I’d try it out for a place like this.

Lars Homestead

Finally, the Lars homestead is appealing to me. I know Tatooine is inhospitable and not a place many choose to live, but have you seen those twin suns?! Maybe I couldn’t lodge here permanently, but I’d stay for a bit.

Top image by Aroha Photography.


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