Holy Bat Chair!

batman chair

OMG it’s a wee little Batbaby in a giant Bat-chair!

It’s actually a school project created by James Todd for his 3D design class at Stoke Damerel Community College. James’ craftmanship is fully demonstrated as this chair comes complete with pockets for supplies and comic books.

Check out more details and pics after the break.

batman chair

Head of Creative Industries, Tim Welbourne, gave his class an open assignment: design a chair using only recycled parts. Promoting a philosophical set of rules to reduce, reclaim, and reuse, Tim explains,

“The great thing about setting young designers the challenge of making a product out of reclaimed or recycled materials is that it adds a whole new dimension to the making process.”

In a recent interview with The Plymouth Herald, James Todd discussed his passion for building and hopes this will lead to a career in product design.

“I really enjoyed making it – it took about six weeks. I’m really inspired by DC Comics and I just love making things.”

Let’s hope he gets a job soon so we can all have one of these for our living rooms. As for the adorable bat baby, that’s photography technician James Robert’s seven-month old son Ronnie. They tested out the awesomeness of the chair while it was photographed for James’ portfolio.


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