Hulk Is Just As Incredible When He’s Made From Scrap Metal

hulk 1

If you have access to scrap metal, why not give it a second life by turning it into art? That’s just what Old Steel Art in Thailand does, and they’ve created everything from Transformers to Thor to this amazing Hulk from leftover metal pieces. I can’t get over how detailed the Hulk sculpture is – there are folds in the fabric and you can see muscles and veins on his skin. He looks gigantic, and I can’t imagine how he’ll be moved when/if he’s sold. Maybe they can build a Helicarrier to transport him.

See more pics of metal Hulk after the break.

hulk 2

hulk 3

hulk 4

Hulk 1.0:

hulk 5

(via Kotaku, photos via Facebook)


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