Live In An Enchanting “Hobbit House” Created By A Disney Artist

hobbit cottage 1

If you live in Los Angeles and can afford $2,595 a month for rent, you could live in a cottage that looks like it’s right out of a storybook. This cozy home was created by Disney artist Joseph Lawrence and is known as “The Hobbit’s House.” It’s listed on Craigslist with plenty of photos and has features such as a stone fireplace, stained glass windows, ponds, and a bar. It doesn’t look huge (it’s just two bedrooms and one bath), but it’s oozing with charm.

More photos of this magical looking abode after the break.

hobbit cottage 2

hobbit cottage 3

hobbit cottage 4

hobbit cottage 5

hobbit cottage 6

hobbit cottage 7

hobbit cottage 8

hobbit cottage 9

(via HuffPo)


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