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Pronto Professional Universal Remote

Phillips Pronto Professional
Philips Pronto Professional TSU9600 is a big step up from your average universal remote, and for a $1600 price tag – it had better be.

According to a review of the unit on Automated Home, it does pretty much everything you would expect from a fairly expensive universal remote. The 3.7 inch, 640×480 VGA screen gives you a nice view, and there are 20 buttons, so you get some options without a thousand keys to look at. One thing the unit does not do is save it’s configuration. Supposedly this is to allow installers to keep their programming proprietary, but there must be another way around that.

For even more power they offer a wireless extender and an advanced serial extender. They give you a lot more options for your system in multi-room setups or additional controlled accessories. Those additional items would be over and above the cost of the remote itself, so this is not a cheap package by any stretch of imagination.

I don’t think my needs are quite to the level that I could justify dishing out the money for this, but it is a mid range product priced appropriately for that market segment. I actually hope my system additions in the next year or so would lead to me to need a product like this, until then all I can do is appreciate how cool it looks.


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