The TMNT-Inspired Radioactive Sewer Desk

Tom Spina Designs has created some incredible pieces in the past, but this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-themed desk his team built for a client is on another level.

Lead artist on this project Rich Riley began by creating the frame work for the desk out of wood and construction tubing. He then added a faux stone texture to the the desk to make it look like real concrete. Additional details were added, like faux bricks, valves and spouts. The pipe, tubing, and knobs were given a faux rusty metal treatment to create the underground sewer landscape.

Every inch of the desk is covered in a unique paint treatment, or some sort of homage to the turtles. From the faux radioactive slime to the faux brick, to the turtles and even master Splinter, every angle of this desk is a dynamic piece of art perfect for our Ninja Turtles fan.

Just look at that guy sitting behind this glorious desk. That’s what a professional looks like. I feel compelled to strike a deal with him. Then again, the radioactive ooze might be impairing my judgement.

Head on over to Tom Spina Designs to check out more of their work.

(via Homecrux)


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