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AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

I see that NewsFactor Magazine Online has a review of AVG’s free version of their anti-virus. I have used this ever since my free subscription to Norton ran out, and have been very happy with it. When I used Norton I was happy with that software as well, but in the end the “free” thing is hard to beat. Especially when I found no real difference in protection between the two.

From their review, “Given that the Grisoft offering is free, computer users concerned about security issues have an excellent, no-cost opportunity to see whether their existing security measures are really catching all the bugs.”  They do also point out that the one drawback to using their free version is that there is no technical support. With the poor technical support I have gotten from a number of companies in the past, I personally don’t find that to be a big drawback. Tech Support is the last avenue I will try, and even then I would have to be mighty desperate.

The free versoin of their software may not be immediately apparent on going to their site (don’t confuse their trial version with the free version), but you can find it here. They do note that this version cannot be loaded onto a server OS, can only be used for personal use and does not have a number of advanced features that are offered with their retail product. But, if you want anti-virus protection, don’t need advanced features and are tech savvy enought to troubleshoot any issues, then this is by far the best route to go that I have seen. Available for Windows and Linux.

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