Balance Ball Chair: Build Core Strength While You Sit On Your Ass

Balance Ball Chair

As a personal trainer, I spend a lot of time with clients focusing on core strength and posture. One of the best tools I have to help achieve these goals is the stability ball (swiss ball). In fact, I have gone so far as to suggest that my clients use them in place of a regular chair while they are sitting in front of a computer at work or the television at home. This is a philosophy that is shared by countless professionals in both the chiropractic and physical fitness communities.

Finally, this concept has made its way to a commercial product with Gaiam’s Balance Ball Chair.

It looks decent enough, but I wonder whether or not the fact that the ball is set in a cavity within the chair makes it less effective that a traditional stability ball. Perhaps the wheels add to instability – which, in turn, results in better balance, posture and stabilizing core strength for the user.

The Gaim Balance Ball Chair is available from the product site for $80.

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