KISS Gets Their Own Line Of HDTVs

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Not one to miss an opportunity to pimp themselves out on merchandise, the iconic rock band KISS has teamed up with Roundtable Concepts to offer a band-branded line of HDTVs.

If you recall, Rountable Concepts is the same company that brought us earlier Marvel and Street Fighter-themed HDTVs.

Like previous versions, the KISS line of HDTVs will come in 32?, 40?, 42? and 46? 1080p LED flavors with KISS logos on the corners and an 8-second splash screen of the band that loads when the TVs are turned on.

However, there is a special promotion going on that offers a 55-inch KISS HDTV with a 32-inch model thrown in for free.

Product Page ($819-$1989 via Test Freaks)


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