Lightsabers May Finally Be a Real Thing

We may not have jet packs yet, but we do have working lightsabers. Really.

Wicked Lasers has made a “LaserSaber” that looks and functions like the weapons in the films. Obviously, the term “LaserSaber” is designed to avoid lawsuits from Lucasfilm, but it’s still a ballsy move considering that the company received a C&D letter from LucasFilm after the introduction of the Spyder Arctic III. Unfortunately for them, that letter appears to have had the opposite effect, serving only to put all kinds of ideas into WickedLaser’s heads.

The lightsaber-lookalike has a polycarbonate blade with an aluminum base that attaches to the company’s Spyder 3 laser, which as they point out, is the most powerful laser you can legally own. Wow. The guys in the picture aren’t wearing glasses while fighting because it’s cool, they’re protecting their eyes.

LaserSabers are energized by the light of Wicked Lasers, harnessing the power of the force. The LaserSaber features an ultra smooth magnetic gravity system that can “power up” and “power down” the blade.

I love the heck out of the idea of a real lightsaber; what Star Wars fan wouldn’t? I just hope people buying these wear the safety glasses necessary to avoid eye damage.

Check out a video of the LaserSabers in action after the break.

Product Page ($300 via Gizmodo)


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