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Memory Lane: Hypercolor T-Shirts

Hypercolor T-Shirts

Anyone who was around for the ten seconds that Hypercolor t-shirts were popular will undoubtedly appreciate the obscurity of this reference and how far I had to dig to pull this article out of my ass.

For those of you who don’t know, Hypercolor t-shirts were a novelty garment that was popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s. The shirts we supposed to change color when exposed to heat – which meant that touching them would leave an imprint of your hand. However, the reality was that these things would only really change color when exposed to something a little warmer than body heat – like a hair dryer for example.

Hypercolor t-shirts were also easily damaged when washed. The heat from the washer and dryer would often render the shirts useless after only a few cycles.

If you were smooth enough, the one thing that Hypecolor shirts could have been good for was coping a cheap feel. Unfortunately, I was far from smooth in jr. high so I would have never thought to entice girls to touch me because I had a Hypercolor shirt on.

Live and learn.


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