It’s The Glider From ‘Nausicaä Of The Valley Of The Wind’, But For Real [Video]


Hayao Miyazaki’s seminal 1984 animated movie Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind is a classic, widely considered one of the greatest animated movies of all time. And, as usually happens when you get a big film from the ’80s that quite a lot of people like, someone’s gone to quite a lot of trouble to recreate part of it in reality.

The OpenSky Project has worked over the last decade to bring Nausicaä’s glider to life. Headed up by artist Kazuhiko Hachiya and a team of very skilled engineers, they’ve built the OpenSky M-02J jet-powered glider. Even better, the team posted a video of the glider taking off that looks absolutely astounding. Check it out below.

(via The Mary Sue)


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