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Nerd Approved Gadgets: Halloween Edition


Over the last month or so we have been including quite a few Halloween related products into our posts here at Nerd Approved, and since today is the special day, its about time we listed our ten best. Enjoy.

Lego 3D Pumpkin Pack: The nerdiest jack o’ lantern ever.

Corridor of Mechanical Corpses: It costs $12,000, but isn’t scaring the hell out of little kids worth it?

The Crapper: The most disturbing Halloween prop ever.

Death Row Marv: If you loved Sin City, you will really love this.

Peeled-Off Face: Bon Appetit!

The last five gadgets are available after the break…

Ghost Finder Camera: All of the fraud without all of the work.

Ghoul Portraits: Is that your Grandfather? He’s even more hideous than I remember.

Talking Rat Cap: And you thought living rats were bad.

Zombie Jesus: A “miracle edition” gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Voodoo Pops: What would Halloween be without candy?


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