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Research: Eye Tracking To Eliminate Mouse


A technology still in early development is the use of eye tracking to replace the mouse. Using high definition cameras and infrared lights, software is being worked on that will allow you to move and select items by simply moving your eyes across the screen. While nowhere near ready for commercial use, great strides are being made.

Of course the use of eye tracking introduces a large number of variables not present with a mouse – such as a user’s peripheral vision, blinking and jittering of the eye. Some of these difficulties have already been reduced with new software and others can be reduced or eliminated with further software and hardware advancements.

One of the newer changes is the use of a key to turn the tracking on and off. This eliminates a lot of extraneous movement and the combination of hand and eye seems to be working a lot more intuitively. Think how much more realistic FPS games will be if they ever get this technology perfected. It is some years away, but there is no doubt that the mouse will be replaced eventually.

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