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The Blue Hippo Computer Rip-Off

Blue Hippo Rip-Off ( are, you may have recently seen a Blue Hippo commercial claiming that they will help people get a computer regardless of their credit history. What they didn’t tell everyone is that they are charging $2200 for what is essentially a $300 Gateway computer.

And the best part? Check out this exerpt from the Blue Hippo website:

“Each computer is priced on a weekly basis and you make payments for just 52 weeks. This way, we can keep the payments small and at the end of one year you will own one of these brand new top-of-the-line computers.”

“Since we don’t check your credit, we do ask that you build a short credit history with us by making 13 weeks worth of payments before we ship the computer. It’s that simple!”

Let’s do the math – the “top of the line” computers are $99 down and $39.99 a week. That means that Blue Hippo doesn’t even ship until the consumer has spent over $600 – or twice the actual value of the system.

If that wasn’t enough, check out Blue Hippo’s record from their home state’s Better Business Bureau. or admissions from Blue Hippo employees.

Obviously, Blue Hippo is taking advantage of consumers who do not understand the difference between a high end and a low end computer.

I don’t know what is more surprising, the fact that a company would stoop to such unethical buisness practices or that people would seriously consider buying a computer from these guys.

Probably the latter.

For more information on the Blue Hippo Rip-Off, check out the comments on Digg .

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