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This New Liquid 3D Printing System Will Change Everything


3D printing is definitely gaining steam, but the there are major drawbacks to overcome—speed being chief among them. However, Carbon3D has just unveiled a breakthrough technology that could change everything.

Continuous Liquid Interface Productiongo technology (CLIP) is touted as being 25 to 100 times faster than current methods. The secret is that it harnesses the power of laser light to cure the photosensitive resin and oxygen as an inhibiting agent—allowing the system to print in three dimensions at once as opposed to layer-by-layer.

Amazingly enough, Carbon3D has managed to keep this development under wraps from the general public until now. However, it has managed to secure $41 million in funding from major venture capital firms like Sequoia Capital, putting many fears to rest about it’s credibility.

“If 3D printing hopes to break out of the prototyping niche it has been trapped in for decades, we need to find a disruptive technology that attacks the problem from a fresh perspective and addresses 3D printing’s fundamental weaknesses,” said Jim Goetz, Carbon3D board member and Sequoia partner. “When we met Joe and saw what his team had invented, it was immediately clear to us that 3D printing would never be the same.”

Check out the demo videos after the break to see CLIP in action…

(3DPrint via Gizmodo)


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