This New Pirate-Themed CT Scanner Makes Getting Tested Less Scary For Kids


New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital may well be the coolest and most fun place to have a CT scan on the planet.

As one of the largest children’s hospitals in the country, they wanted to make sure they were administering the lowest doses of radiation possible to the kids, so they worked with GE to design a new scanner.

While they were doing that, they made the entire scanning suite pirate-themed to make it a much less scary place for their patients.

The response has been really positive thus far and it seems they even have the older “kids” (17 – 21) under their care requesting the pirate CT scanner. Heck, I’d ask for the pirate themed scanner. Can we just make this a thing all over the world?

Check out more pics after the break to see just how epic it is.





More pics and info is available over at BuzzFeed.


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