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Viiv, Origami.. Give Us Info

It seems odd that two of the larger marketing pushes recently have had no products to show, really. Intel’s Viiv sounds like a good plan, but all we ended up with was a plan for the future. Seems like they would have been better off having something to demonstrate what they were talking about. While I understand it conceptually, I could have formed more of an opinion if they had actually had something concrete to show for it.

Microsoft’s Origami project has taken the same path, inexplicably. There has been a lot of hype about what they would actually show. In the end, all we ended up with were a few ultra-portable PC’s. I don’t want to minimize the possible marketability of the prodcuts themselves since they seem like they have a future, but Microsoft made it seem like they had a specific, revolutionary product to go along with the hype. In the end we find out it was just a general plan for what others could offer.

Maybe these types of announcements are just meant to prod others into desigining products, effectively offering them marketing dollars in order to put their own money into development. What it leaves me with is a question as to why so much money and effort was put into pushing what are little more than their ideas for the future. I think they could and should do better.

Posted by Jeff


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