50 Years Of Doctor Who: A Whovian Bayeux Tapestry Imagined

doctor who tapestry

While the Bayeux Tapestry may depict actual events, 50 years of Doctor Who is almost as integral to English history. Hence, this drawing of a Whovian version by Bill Mudron.

It’s amazing to look at and realize that, as much as it covers, there’s so much more that we love and remember about the show that we wish were here.

Maybe he’ll do a series. 😉

Check out more pictures after the break (click on the image above to enlarge).

whovian bayeux 1

whovian bayeux 2

whovian bayeux 3

whovian bayeux 4

whovian bayeux 5

whovian bayeux 6

You can purchase prints of the “Baywheux Tapestry” on on Bill Mudron’s site.

(via io9)


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