A Working Mini Jet Engine Built From 3D-Printed Parts [Video]


The engineers at GE Aviation’s Additive Development Center wanted to see how far they could push the company’s manufacturing technology, and they ended up creating a working jet engine made from nothing but 3D-printed parts. It can rev up to 33,000 RPM and looks pretty darn impressive.

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The additive manufacturing process uses lasers to melt layers of metal powder that eventually build up to a part. The engine they created is a modified version of what’s in an RC model plane, so it’s very simple compared to the jets used in airliners. Some of the parts have been approved by the FAA, but it’ll be awhile before 3D-printed engines take you on your next vacation.

Still, this demonstration is more evidence that 3D-printing is going to literally shape our future.

See the demo after the break.

(via Gizmodo)


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