Amy And Rory Are Leaving The TARDIS

It’s time for Amy Pond and Rory Williams (played by Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill) to move on. Steven Moffat confirmed the inevitable at a Doctor Who press screening in London stating that the Doctor will have a new companion next season.

Moffat noted that the Ponds are expected to leave “heartbreakingly.” That word is open to a lot of interpretation, but let’s hope it just means the usual sadness when companions leave. It would be a tragedy for anything to happen to Amy or Rory (though Karen Gillan did recently say that she would prefer it if Amy died).

The dynamic duo has brightened the screen, and Rory especially has come a long way. I will not be happy to see them go. On the bright side though, at least Moffat didn’t say anything about Matt Smith going anywhere. Yet.

(via Fanboy)


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