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An Incredible Auction Of Pacific Rim Props And Costumes Is Going On Right Now


If you’ve ever wanted to own a prop or costume piece from Pacific Rim, now’s your chance. Prop Store has almost 200 prop and costumes available for auction and they have some really amazing items available..

Currently, they’ve listed things like Ground Crew outfits for Gipsy Danger and Cherno Alpha, Two of Hannibal Chau’s desks, Hannibal’s custom scale set, Scavenger outfits, jars of Kaiju samples, various folders and notebooks, and even Hannibal’s signature sunglasses.

If you have money to burn, you can own Mako or Raleigh’s Drivesuit helmets or even get your own mechanical Kaiju Skin Mite.

While some of the items are pricey, there are definitely some items in this auction that are much more affordable. My personal favorite is one of the Scavenger costumes that’s going for just $70 bucks (as of this writing).

You can see more pictures after the break.

gipsy ground crew





(via CinemaBlend)


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