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Back to the Future Co-Writer And Producer Is Trying To Restore The DeLorean From The Movie

The co-writer and producer of Back to the Future, Bob Gale, has taken on an important mission: he’s trying to restore the actual DeLorean time machine used on screen in the movie. You’d think it would have been carefully preserved as a piece of movie-making history, but then again if all props were treated like that, there would be warehouses full of them stretching across Los Angeles.

Gale is working with Joe Walser, Terry Matalas, and a Time Machine Restoration Team to reassemble the iconic car. One of their biggest challenges is that several original parts have gone missing and it’s taken detective work to track them down for the rebuild. They started the project by taking apart the frame and any parts they had, and then they cleaned and repaired each piece before starting assembly. Every detail, down to the tiniest wire, has been carefully examined to make sure everything is as screen accurate as it can be.

Once the DeLorean matches the time machine that Doc Brown used, Gale will put it on display at Universal Studios so fans of the film can admire it for years to come (and they will).

Watch a project update video after the break.

(Time Machine Restoration via iGeektrooper)


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