Be Jealous Of Ecuador’s Giant Cardboard Superheroes


Different countries have different traditions for New Year’s Eve. In the U.S., we watch the ball drop, In Ecuador, they burn effigies of favorite characters or people. Federico Oporto sent some images to Topless Robot along with an explanation:

Hi, I´m from Ecuador and wanted to share these pictures with you. We have a tradition, every december 31st people create or buy “años viejos”, paper and cardboard sculptures of their favourite characters may they be soccer players, cartoons or politicians (well those last are not favorites, we just would like to burn them for real i guess). and burn them on New Year´s Eve. Anyway, a couple of years ago, on Calle Portete in Guayaquil, they have started to make really large ones, and they are just amazing.

As you can see from the above photo, the sculptures are huge! They must take forever to build and paint and there has to be a huge run on cardboard leading up to New Year’s. Besides Thor, Oporto sent photos of Venom and Mazinger sculptures. They’re so impressive it’s a pity they get burned, but then again, where would you store them?

See the rest of the sculptures after the break…



(via TR)


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