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Believe It Or Not, A Family Friendly Walking Dead Is Coming To Broadcast Television


Television shows gain a fair amount of freedom when they air on cable channels instead of broadcast, and one of those freedoms is showing lots of violence. The Walking Dead goes all out and is packed with guts and gore, but that’s not stopping MyNetworkTV from editing the series to make it broadcast television friendly.

MyNet has recently acquired syndication rights. They channel is owned by Fox, and they’re excited to add The Walking Dead to their line-up. I’m guessing they’ve seen the series, but I can’t imagine how they came to the conclusion that they could make it more family friendly without cutting out huge chunks of material. Needless to say, I’m skeptical about the final product. The only way I can picture it going well is if they own the silliness of trying to edit the series and place giant floating cartoon heads over all the violence.

(via EW)


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