Cardboard AT-AT Sled Is Impressive, Most Impressive [Video]

at-at sled

When you live in a part of the country that deals with winter every year, you have to find some fun in it. In Lansing, Michigan, they have an annual “Cardboard Classic” that pits homemade sleds against each other in a race. This year one of the sleds should have been right at home in the wintry Hoth-like conditions; Doug Brewbaker, Garret Geiger, and James Groves created an AT-AT!

The team invested 70 hours into making the giant sled from cardboard and tape. It stood at a whopping 7 feet and 8 inches. Brewbaker crouched under the Imperial Walker as it sped down the hill; unfortunately it crashed before reaching the finish line. No word on whether X-wing pilots took it down.

Check out another photo of the sled after the break along with a video of the run.

at-at sled 2

(LSJ via CNET, photos via Doug Brewbaker)


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