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Check Out the Gruesome Case For The Walking Dead Season Three Blu-ray

Walking Dead s3 blu-ray 1

Even though season three of The Walking Dead is still airing, we’re already getting a sneak peek at a limited edition case for the Blu-ray set.

MTV Geek provided a first look at the gross but neat package that features a replica of the Governor’s “TV.” I’m going to guess that nothing on your shelf looks quite like this – which is probably for the best. People might start to worry if you have too many cases of floating heads.

Indeed, the Blu-ray case from McFarlane Toys comes with five plastic decapitated noggins. They are in various states of decay. All you have to do to uh, enjoy the view, is add water.

McFarlane and Robert Kirkman worked closely in developing the case. “McFarlane has a very intimate relationship with AMC, so I was approving concepts on this Blu-Ray case before Season Three even aired,” Kirkman says. “So while we were building things on set, Todd and the team at McFarlane Toys were coming in and scanning actors and scanning props. So having them come in and do the fish tank with the severed heads while we were still building it for the show is a pretty cool thing, and I think makes these products much more accurate and cooler for the fans.”

It’s icky and not for me, but I can’t deny it’s a neat idea.

(via MTV Geek)


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