Chris Pratt And Chris Evans’ Super Bowl Bet Ends And Everybody Wins

pratt and evans

For many of us, The Super Bowl Battle Of The Chrises was one of the best things about the lead up to the big game.

Both Chris Pratt and Chris Evans were at the game and looked to be having a blast. Still, as much as we love them, we knew only one team could win. Unfortunately for Chris Pratt, the Seahawks’ final play was an act of lunacy.

So Chris Pratt, having lost the bet, would be visiting Christopher’s Haven as Star-Lord. Had the Seahawks won, Evans would visit Seattle Children’s Hospital as Captain America.

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Well, as it turns out, both Chrises will be visiting both charities together. In other words, Captain America and Star-Lord had a battle and everybody won.

Head after the break to see some of their tweets.

(via MTV)


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