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Could We Really Get a Star Trek Television Series Starring Worf?


There’s been talk about a new Star Trek television show, including the possibility of a collaboration between Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer on something based on the J.J. Abrams movies, but it’s all just talk at this point. The one idea that has gotten some serious attention is the possibility of a show based on Worf.

Last year there was interest and I talked to a couple producers and we actually had pitch meeting with Paramount and CBS,” Dorn told me. “Business things got in the way in terms of the JJ Abrams movie coming out and CBS/Paramount and their relationship with JJ Abrams. I don’t think they wanted to step on his toes by putting a new series on, but it’s not dead yet. I’ve finished the script and hopefully someone will take a look at this and say ‘we can do this.’

That quote comes from none other than Michael Dorn, the actor who plays Worf, which lends the whole idea a hefty dose of credibility. In fact, Dorn has been pushing for a new Worf project for quite some time. So, maybe, kinda, sorta we could see a new Star Trek series focused on Worf—but we wouldn’t expect to see it anytime soon.

(Huffington Post via io9)


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