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David Tennant All But Confirms His Participation In The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special [Video]

David Tennant recently appeared on G4 for a video interview, and you can bet that anywhere Tennant goes so does Doctor Who. With the 50th Anniversary Special approaching the question about whether the beloved Tenth Doctor will make an appearance is on everyone’s mind. The interviewer asked that (the geeks of the world would have ridiculed him otherwise), and though Tennant didn’t directly say so, his reaction to the question very much points to yes.

“I cannot be drawn on anything. Who knows what will happen next year? I’m sure there are lots of plans being discussed in quiet rooms by men with long beards and great power.”

He said he couldn’t confirm or deny anything, but he suddenly got very twitchy and started fidgeting.  He also avoided maintaining eye contact. The final straw for me was that he teased that he still has the pinstripe suite in a “very secure location” in addition to one of everything he wore. Yeah, I think we’ll be seeing him on the special.

Watch the video after the break.

(G4 via Blastr)


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