David Tennant Faces Off Against A Bunny In New “Day Of The Doctor” Clip: UPDATED [Video]


New tidbits about “The Day of the Doctor” are spilling out. We’ve had the full trailer a clip with the important fez, and now you can watch David Tennant threaten a fluffy rabbit. The new clip is part of a BBC News segment that features interviews with the Doctors and Jenna Coleman. It’s brief, but it has me wanting to go sit in front of the television and re-watch all the Tenth Doctor’s seasons. Tennant is painfully charming and adorkable.

Watch the video after the break. You can skip to 1:29 for the clip, but there are plenty of fun interviews throughout.

UPDATE: We’ve also added a hilarious video of Tennant introducing The Day Of The Doctor.

(via Geekosystem)


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